nope Ring-Moon Systems Node - ROSES 2010

Welcome to the Rings Node’s ROSES 2010 NRA Support Pages


Thess pages are intended to assist proposers to the rings related programs in the ROSES 2010 NRA.

Links to ROSES support pages at the other PDS Nodes can be found at the PDS Engineering Node’s ROSES support page.

The full document can be accessed under Solicitations at the NSPIRES web site.

The tabs associated with this page provide information on Rings Node and other PDS holdings relevant to the specific program identifed in the tab.

Since several of the programs include encouragement or requirements to archive the results of the proposed research, the last tab gives information and links to assist with archive planning and incorporating archive planning in proposals.

The following table gives the key dates for each of the NRAs supported by these pages based on the initial release of ROSES 2010, February 11, 2010. We will attempt to keep these pages current as relevant amendments to ROSES 2010 are released. However, the definitive source is of course the NSPIRES web site.

The links in the following table are to the respective Rings Node support pages (same destinations as the tabs at the top of the page).

Program Appendix NOI Due Proposal Due
Cassini DAP (CDAP) C.10 3/26/10 4/30/10
Outer Planets Research (OPR) C.7 8/27/10 10/22/10
Planetary Geology and Geophysics (PG&G;)* C.4 4/30/10 6/4/10
Planetary Mission DAP (PMDAP)** C.11 8/20/10 10/15/10
  • PG&G;. For rings studies, planetary spacecraft mission data sources eligible for PG&G;, are the same as those eligible for the CDAP & OPR NRAs except for the data availability cut off dates. For PG&G;, “Planetary spacecraft mission data to be used in proposed investigations must be available in the Planetary Data System (PDS) or similar publicly accessible archive at least 30 days prior to the PGG proposal submission date.” Please see our CDAP and OPR support pages for information about, and links to, available data within the PDS.

** PMDAP. While most opportunities for rings specific data analysis are covered by the other programs addressed in these pages, PMDAP affords a unique opportunity for ring scientists to propose for the restoration of publically available data sets. Individuals or teams interested in pursuing this opportunity should contact us early for assistence in identifying and obtaining eligible data, and in determining the PDS compliance requirements for the completed deliverables.

Additional PDS Support

Links to ROSES support pages at the other PDS Nodes can be found at the PDS Engineering Node’s ROSES support page.