Epsilon Ring of Uranus

PIA01983: Epsilon Ring of Uranus

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Voyager 2 acquired this high-resolution image of the epsilon ring of Uranus on Jan. 23, 1986, from a distance of 1.12 million kilometers (69O,OOO miles). This clear-filter image from Voyager’s narrow-angle camera has a resolution of about 1O km (6 mi). The epsilon ring, approximately 1OO km (6O mi) wide at this location, clearly shows a structural variation. Visible here are a broad, bright outer component about 4O km (25 mi) wide; a darker middle region of comparable width; and a narrow, bright inner strip about 15 km (9 mi) wide. The epsilon-ring structure seen by Voyager is similar to that observed from the ground with stellar-occultation techniques. This frame represents the first Voyager image that resolves these features within the epsilon ring. The occasional fuzzy splotches on the outer and inner parts of the ring are artifacts left by the removal of reseau marks (used for making measurements on the image). The Voyager project is managed for NASA by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Image Note: PICNO 0250U2-001

Source: NASA’s Planetary Photojournal: Image No. PIA01983