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Rings Node Toolkits

These toolkits are no longer supported and may in some cases no longer compile without modification.

This is a set of downloadable software tools developed at the PDS Rings Node. They enable users to perform a variety of common tasks related to planning ring observations, analyzing data, or carrying out dynamical calculations. Tools are generally written in standard C, and are callable from programs written in either C or FORTRAN-77.

Software toolkits are provided in zip, tar and gzip formats. They have been tested on workstations running Unix and VMS, but are likely to run on other platforms with only minimal modifications. They come with complete build instructions and scripts.

Note: This software is licensed under the terms of the Academic Free License v. 3.0. See for further information.

Kepler Library

A set of routines for performing calculations related to orbital motion around an oblate planet. Routines can be used to predict satellite locations and to calculate arbitrary resonance locations in planetary rings.

Julian Library

A set of routines for manipulating dates and times. It includes routines for conversions between Universal Time (UTC), Atomic Time (TAI), and Ephemeris Time (ET). It also performs conversions between calendar dates and Julian dates, and interprets or formats dates and times in a variety of styles.

Profile Library

A set of object-oriented routines for manipulating ring occultation data sets. Tools are provided for reading PDS-labeled data files, applying geometry and calibration models, filtering and resampling. The toolkit supports all occultation data archived by the Rings Node.

This toolkit is built upon the PDS’s Object Access Library (OAL). You can download the latest version from the PDS Central Node but we recommend you use version 1.3.1, as optimized by the Rings Node for this toolkit.

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