nope Ring-Moon Systems Node - CASSINI ENHANCED

Enhanced Cassini Support

During FY12, PDS worked closely with the Cassini mission and instrument teams to develop material to make it easier to find and use Cassini data. Some of those enhancements are available at the Rings Node where most of our focus is on the optical remote sensing instruments. If you don’t find what you need in our pages, please check the PDS’s Cassini Archive Page which has been established as an overall clearing house for Cassini support.

Enhanced support available at the Rings Node:

  • Preview products and the keys to their interpretation

    The PDS Rings Node generates browse images or footprint diagrams for data at the Rings Node. These are used in the results gallery view for OPUS. Links to preview products for each volume are provided in the “Access Data” pages of the respective instrument information pages. You may browse through our entire collection of browse products here.

    We attempt to convey a lot of information, so intrepreting our preview products, especially for data submitted in cube form, can be challenging. Here are keys to assist in their interpretion.

  • Preview Product Keys

  • Calibrated ISS images

  • Cassini Occultaton Data Sets

  • New or updated data user’s guides

  • Downloadable tables of enhanced geometric metadata

    The PDS Rings Node generates detailed metadata about Saturn and its satellites to support searches using OPUS. We currently produce supplemental metadata for Cassini ISS, UVIS, and VIMS. CIRS metadata may be available near the end of FY16.

    Tables of that metadata are available for browsing and downloading. Each instrument subdirectory contains browsable metadata by volume.

    tar.gz files for each volume are in the /archives/ subdirectory of the relevant instrument directory - e.g., metadata/COISS_2xxx/archives/. For information on opening tar.gz files, click here.

    The metadata is organized by data volume for each instrument (e.g., ISS volume 2001 has a set of tables). For each volume we provide four tables with their associated PDS labels which include column descriptions. Three of the tables provide geometric metadata for the moons of Saturn, the Rings of Saturn, and for Saturn. The fourth table,, list all of the detectable (e.g., satellites completly obscured behind the planet are not included) targets in the instrument field of view.

    The tables are updated quarterly shortly after we receive the Cassini quarterly delivery.