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Where did the VGISS_0nnn volumes go?

The VGISS_0nnn volumes have been superseded. Following the peer review of the Saturn data, we reorganized the data sets, electing to no longer parallel the volume organization of the original data. The new organization is essentially chronological, based on FDS count, with the data further subdivided by planetary system encounter.

  • VGISS_5nnn: Jupiter encounter observations, where the first digit after the five is 1 for Voyager 1 and 2 for Voyager 2.
  • VGISS_6nnn: Saturn encounter observations, where the first digit after the six is 1 for Voyager 1 and 2 for Voyager 2.
  • VGISS_72nn: Voyager 2, Uranus encounter observations.
  • VGISS_82nn: Voyager 2, Neptune encounter observations.

See the table below for direct access to individual volumes.


All four data sets have completed the peer review and lien resolution process and have an archive status of "locally archived".

Users are strongly encouraged to review the TUTORIAL.TXT and the PROCESSING.TXT files, located in the DOCUMENT directory of every volume. These, especially PROCESSING.TXT, change with each encounter, so it is important to obtain the variation associated with the specific encounter. The tutorial is a comprehensive guide to the data in these data sets, and the processing document gives a detailed description of the processing steps behind the data files in these data sets.

These data sets contain data from four processing levels:

  • Raw Image: uncompressed version of the original file
  • Cleaned Image: spikes and reseau marks removed
  • Calibrated Image: dark current subtraction and calibration model applied
  • Geomed Image: geometrically corrected image

The processing levels are progressive (i.e., geometrically corrected images have also been cleaned and calibrated). For information on processing levels, please see a Voyager calibrated ISS TUTORIAL.TXT file found in the DOCUMENT directory of each volume.

Naming conventions

The data directories in the original volumes were sorted by target. In response to recommendations from the peer review panel for the Saturn data set, the data directories in the calibrated volumes are sorted by image number.

For details on the volume structure and file naming conventions, please review a Voyager calibrated ISS AAREADME.TXT file (especially section 4). This file (with minor header variations) appears in the root directory of every volume.

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