The Voyager Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS) consists of two cameras, narrow-angle and wide-angle. Images have been archived in chronological volumes based on Voyager's Flight Data System ("FDS") clock which is also the basis for the root filenames of the images.

The ISS Tabs


The tabs associated with this page describe the ISS data files and how to obtain them.


Data Set Information

New Data Sets of Processed Images

The PDS Rings Node is producing new multivolume Voyager ISS data sets, one data set for each of the giant planets. Each data set contains sets of images and data tables for each of the original images. These include versions of each image at several stages in the image processing pipeline: uncompressed raw, cleaned, calibrated, and geometrically corrected.

The volume IDs are:

Obtain more information about, and access to, these volumes through the Processed Images Tab.

Original Data Set of Compressed Raw Images

The PDS originally released raw, compressed "EDR" versions of all the Voyager images on a set of CD-ROMs identified VG_0001 through VG_0038. These volumes can accessed through the Raw Images Tab. The organization is as follows:


General Image Naming Conventions


Image Galleries


The Rings Node maintains a collection of the most popular press release images. Visit Jupiter, Saturn (Voyager 1 or Voyager 2), Uranus or Neptune.

You can also find press release images at the Planetary Photojournal of the PDS Imaging Node.

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