Radial Profile

Update September 2018: Cassini RSS Data Users Guide

Update January 2019: RSS Radio Occultation Profiles

  • The PDS Rings node has posted version 2 of the dataset of Saturn ring radial profiles derived from RSS radio occultation data.

  • You may browse the dataset CORSS_8001, or download the entire dataset CORSS_8001 tar.gz.

  • Version 2 includes reprocessed versions of the material contained in the earlier version, plus all subsequent RSS occultations obtained prior to the loss of the Cassini UltraStable Oscillator (USO) in late 2011.

    In addition, this version includes ‘DLP’ files for each observation. These contain higher resolution calibrated, but diffraction-limited, optical depth and phase shift profiles of Saturn’s rings, that is, calibrated profiles before reconstruction to remove diffraction effects.

    While Version 1 contained only X band data files, version 2 contains K, S, and X band data.

    Details of the data processing involved in the production of this data set are provided in MAROUFETAL1986.

NOTE: Raw RSS data may be obtained from the PDS Atmospheres Node.