Mean Motion Resonances in Saturn’s Main Rings

This data set consists of a collection of tables that contain the calculated locations and “strengths” of mean motion resonances in the main rings of Saturn plus supporting documentation files.

For each resonance, the tables give the argument, semi-major axis, mean motion, and order of the resonance, and the lowest order strength terms from the expansion of the disturbing function (i.e., potentials, not forces or torques). Strength expressions include all terms up to 4th order in the eccentricities and inclinations (2nd order for Pan and Daphnis). Resonances are sorted by order (lowest order first) and then by semi-major axis.

For more information on the tables and the input parameters used to generate them, see the file saturn_resonances.pdf.

NOTE: The links on this page are to a preliminary data set which has not undergone peer review.

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