Radial Profile

Spacecraft-Based Ring Occultations


Three data sets of Saturn ring occultation profiles from Cassini instruments have completed peer review. All three are in Liens Resolution status. Since none of the identified liens affect the scientific usability of the data, all three have been PDS certified.

Details about each of the instruments are available from our Cassini information pages.


We have three data sets of ring occultation profiles from Voyager instruments (PPS, UVS, and RSS). The RSS data have not completed peer review. ** Users should exercise caution when using the Voyager RSS occultation data.**

In addition, we have a small data set of Saturn ring radial profiles, generated from the finest resolution Voyager ISS images.

Details about each of the instruments are available from our Voyager information pages.

Earth-Based Ring Occultations


We have a single volume of Earth-based, Saturn stellar occultations. It contains six small data sets from the July 1989 occultation of the bright star 28 Sgr by Saturn’s rings. Each data set contains observations from a single telescope. The telescopes are the European Southern Observatory’s 1 meter telescope, the European Southern Observatory’s 2.2 meter telescope, the IRTF, the Lick 1 meter telescope, the McDonald 2.7 meter telescope, and the Palomar 200 inch telescope.

For more information about the 28 Sgr occultation, see:

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