ROSES Support Pages

The NASA Science Mission Directorate annually releases its Research Opportunities in Space and Earth Science (ROSES), which contains funding opportunities for the coming year. We strongly encourage proposers to carefully review the solicitation document, which can be found here.

Most proposals to ROSES will be required to provide a data management plan (DMP). If a DMP is required, then archiving with the Planetary Data System (PDS) is one option.

If your data management plan includes archiving data or products with PDS, then you must obtain and include confirmation in the form of a letter of support from the appropriate Discipline Node, indicating that the PDS is willing to accept your submission.

To better understand whether archiving with PDS is the right choice for you, and also to understand the steps required to obtain a letter of support, please see the consolidated PDS Proposers Support pages. This document will help you to understand whether PDS is the right choice for your proposal’s DMP, how to obtain a letter of support if so, among other things.

Proposers requesting a letter of support from the RMS Node are strongly encouraged to contact the node well in advance (at least two weeks) of the proposal submission date. There are several steps the node must complete prior to generating a letter of support, including determining if archiving your data with this node is appropriate. Please understand, you are unlikely to be the only PI seeking a letter.

Some additional thoughts:

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