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Welcome to the Ring-Moon Systems Node’s Cassini Home Page


The PDS Ring-Moon Systems Node is archiving, cataloging and distributing Cassini data sets relevant to the ring systems of Saturn and Jupiter. Catalogs to allow searching for ring data are in development.

The first Cassini data release was on July 1, 2005 with subsequent data releases at three month intervals.

Although we endeavor to review data sets carefully prior to release, it is possible for errors to slip through. We recommend caution when using any data that have been released for less than three months. Please contact us if you find any errors or anomalies.

New, May 2014. The datasets of derived ring occultation profiles from the RSS, UVIS, and VIMS Instruments have completed peer review, are currently in lien resolution, and have been PDS certified. Links and information are provided from the respective instrument pages.

The tabs associated with this page.

The tabs associated with this page describe the Cassini instruments and data relevant to planetary ring studies, provide access to the data, and links to sites within and outside the PDS likely to be of use.

  • Enhanced Cassini Support
    • Links to supplemental information and Users Guides developed to improve the search and ease of use of Cassini data.
  • Instruments and Data - Information and data by instrument.
    • CIRS: calibrated occultations & spectra
    • ISS: raw & calibrated images plus calibration files
    • RSS: occultations. Raw RSS data may be obtained from the PDS Atmospheres Node.
    • UVIS: raw images, occultations & spectra, plus calibration files.
    • VIMS: raw images, occultations & spectra, plus calibration files.
  • Cassini Links - Links web pages and resources outside the Ring-Moon Systems Node.

Also at the Ring-Moon Systems Node

  • CDAPS - Our support page for the current ROSES Cassini Data Analysis and Participating Scientists Program including links to Cassini data at other PDS Nodes.