Cassini ISS

The Cassini Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS) consists of two cameras, narrow- angle and wide-angle. Each obtains fine-resolution monochromatic images between blue and near-infrared wavelengths.

Cassini ISS Data User Guide.

  • September 2016. An updated version of the ISS User Guide is available. PDF.

Cassini ISS Calibration Software Update.

  • May 2016. CISSCAL updated to version 3.8 along with updated calibration files and documentation.
  • These updates on contained in the revised COISS_0011 volume.
  • Download the .tar.gz bundle.
  • See ISS Software for a summary of the changes.
  • ISS Distortion. Provides an alternate Distortion Model for Cassini ISS.

For mission highlights and press release images, see our Cassini Gallery. You can also find more at JPL’s Cassini home page.

The ISS Tabs

The tabs associated with this page describe the ISS data files and how to obtain and use them.

  • About ISS Data - Discussion of the organization of the archive and links to key documents.
  • Finding Data - Suggestions on how to search the archive for specific data.
  • Accessing Data - Links to the data volumes.
  • ISS Calibration - Links to the calibration volumes.
  • ISS Software - Discussion of, and links to, available ISS calibration, image analysis, and image viewing software.