PIA01379: Saturnian Atmospheric Storm

Saturnian Atmospheric Storm


A vortex, or large atmospheric storm, is visible at 74` north latitude in this color composite of Voyager 2 Saturn images obtained Aug. 25, 1979 from a range of 1 million kilometers (620,000 miles). Three wide-angle-camera images taken through green, orange and blue filters were used. This particular storm system seems to be one of the few large-scale structures in Saturn's polar region, which otherwise is dominated by much smaller-scale features suggesting convection. The darker, bluish structure (upper right) oriented east to west strongly suggests the presence of a jet stream at these high latitudes. The appearance of a strong east-west flow in the polar-region could have a major influence on models of Saturn's atmospheric circulation, if the existence of such a flow can be substantiated in time sequences of Voyager images. The smallest features visible in this photograph are about 20 km. (12 mi.) across.

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Name Value Additional Values
Target Saturn
System Saturn
Target Type Planet
Mission Voyager
Instrument Host Voyager 2
Host Type Flyby Spacecraft
Instrument Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS)
Detector Wide Angle Camera
Extra Keywords Atmosphere, Color, Storm, Visual
Acquisition Date
Release Date 1998-11-17
Date in Caption 1979-08-25
Image Credit NASA/JPL
Source photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA01379
Identifier PIA01379