PIA01395: Saturn - High-resolution Filtered Image of Enceladus

Saturn - High-resolution Filtered Image of Enceladus


This high-resolution filtered image of Enceladus was made from several images obtained Aug. 25 by Voyager 2 from a range of 119,000 kilometers (74,000 miles). It shows further surface detail on this Saturnian moon (also viewed in the accompanying release P-23955C/BW, S-2-50, imaged about the same time). Enceladus is seen to resemble Jupiter's Galilean satellite Ganymede, which is, however, about 10 times larger. Faintly visible here in "Saturnshine" is the hemisphere turned away from the sun.

Background Info:

The Voyager Project is managed for NASA by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif.

Cataloging Keywords:

Name Value Additional Values
Target Enceladus Ganymede, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun
System Saturn Jupiter
Target Type Satellite Planet, Sun
Mission Voyager
Instrument Host Voyager 2
Host Type Flyby Spacecraft
Instrument Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS)
Extra Keywords Grayscale
Acquisition Date
Release Date 1999-02-23
Date in Caption
Image Credit NASA/JPL
Source photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA01395
Identifier PIA01395