PIA03671: Stardust Sample Return

Stardust Sample Return


The Stardust sample return capsule was transported by helicopter from its landing site at the U.S. Air Force Utah Test and Training Range. This image shows the return capsule inside a protective covering. The capsule, which landed at 2:10 a.m. Pacific time (3:10 a.m. Mountain time), contains cometary and interstellar samples gathered by the Stardust spacecraft.

Cataloging Keywords:

Name Value Additional Values
Target Type Comet
Mission Stardust
Instrument Host Stardust
Host Type
Instrument Stardust Capsule
Extra Keywords Color, Dust, Mountain
Acquisition Date
Release Date 2006-01-17
Date in Caption
Image Credit NASA
Source photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/catalog/PIA03671
Identifier PIA03671