PIA19029: MESSENGER's Encounter With A Star

MESSENGER’s Encounter With A Star


Thomas Morgan Robertson, better known to music fans as Thomas Dolby, has joined Johns Hopkins University as an honorary Homewood Professor of the Arts. In early January 2015, he came to JHU's Applied Physics Laboratory to give a talk about his life as a pop star and tech entrepreneur. (Dolby co-authored the audio layer of Java, created the first interactive music sites on the Web, and licensed technology to major mobile phone manufacturers for the embedded software synthesis 'polyphonic' ringtone engine that has shipped on billions of phones.) His most recent album, "Map of the Floating City," was released in 2011.

During his visit to APL, Dolby toured the MESSENGER Mission Operations Center and posed with a model of the spacecraft. Photo by Ed Whitman, APL.

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Target Mercury
Target Type Planet
Instrument Host MESSENGER
Host Type Orbiter
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Release Date 2015-01-26
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Image Credit NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington
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