Tucson Saturn Ring Plane Crossing Workshop

May 26-27, 1994

A workshop has been held to discuss observing opportunities for the 1995/96 passages of the Earth and Sun through Saturn’s ring plane. The meeting took place Thursday and Friday, May 26-27, 1994 at the University of Arizona in Tucson. It was sponsored jointly by the Planetary Data System Ring-Moon Systems Node and the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory of the University of Arizona. The final agenda is listed below

  • First announcement for the Tucson workshop, dated March 31, 1994.

  • Second announcement for the upcoming Tuscon workshop, dated 5-may-1994. Topics covered are: Contributed Papers, Proceedings, Registration, Room Reservations, Further Information and the Agenda.

  • A “Dear Colleague” letter sent by Phil Nicholson on August 3, 1993. It announces the discussion held at the 1993 DPS meeting in Boulder, CO. It also contains an overview of the observing opportunities and scientific issues related to ring plane crossing, as well bibliographic references. Click for the original TeX.

Background and Scientific Issues

(Thursday, May 26)

Observing Methods and Plans

(Friday, May 27)

Note: A hardcopy version of the proceedings may be obtained by sending a request to Dr. Mark Showalter.