Proceedings of the RPX Workshop

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This directory and its subdirectories contain the proceedings for the Tucson workshop on Saturn’s ring plane crossing. Many of the pages are reproduced as “GIF” files which may or may not be completely legible. Individuals who wish to receive a hardcopy of the proceedings should send an email request to Mark Showalter ( or Ken Bollinger (

Each individual presentation from the meeting is found in a subdirectory identified by the speaker’s last name. For those who spoke more than once, the name is followed by an underscore and then the sequence number of their presentation.

This directory includes the following files:

CONTENTS.TXT - The table of contents included in the Proceedings packet. (It is also reproduced below).

PARTICIPANTS.TXT - A list of all participants in the workshop.

COVER.GIF - The cover page/agenda for the workshop.

SATURNICENTRIC.GIF - A plot of the Saturnicentric latitude of the Earth and Sun as a function of time during the upcoming ring plane crossings.

STRUVE.GIF - The Struve family dynasty.

…and the following directories:

                   TABLE OF CONTENTS

THURSDAY, MAY 26 -- Background and Scientific Issues    Directory
____________________________________________________    _________

Geometry/History of Ring Plane Crossings,         1     [NICHOLSON_1](NICHOLSON_1)
        P. D. Nicholson

Bright Rings, B. Sicardy                         13     [SICARDY](SICARDY)

Bright Rings, J. Lissauer                        15     [LISSAUER](LISSAUER)

Faint Rings, M. R. Showalter                     18     [SHOWALTER_1](SHOWALTER_1)

Classical Satellites, D. Harper                  36     [HARPER](HARPER)

Classical Satellites, R. A. Jacobson             43     [JACOBSON](JACOBSON)
        + supplement                             51

Classical Satellites, K. Aksnes                  56     [AKSNES](AKSNES)
        + supplement                             59

Small Satellites, C. D. Murray                   63     [MURRAY](MURRAY)

Small Satellites (supplement), C. Yoder          71     [YODER](YODER)


FRIDAY, MAY 27 -- Observing Methods and Plans

Near-IR Imaging, P. D. Nicholson                 73     [NICHOLSON_2](NICHOLSON_2)

Mutual Events, P. D. Nicholson                   75     [NICHOLSON_3](NICHOLSON_3)

Mutual Events (supplement), P. Descamps          77     [DESCAMPS](DESCAMPS)

Eclipses and Mutual Events (supplement)          81     [ARLOT_THUILLOT](ARLOT_THUILLOT)
        Tables IV and V from Arlot & Thuillot,
        Icarus 105, 427-440 (1993).

Satellite Photometry, D. Tholen                  84     [THOLEN](THOLEN)

Visual Imaging, S. Larson                        86     [LARSON](LARSON)

Spectroscopy, L. Lebofsky, P. Yanamadra-Fisher   89     [LEBOFSKY](LEBOFSKY)

Hubble Space Telescope Observations, P. Seitzer  96     [SEITZER](SEITZER)

Observing Campaign, M. Showalter                100     [SHOWALTER_2](SHOWALTER_2)