The 2007-2008 Uranus Ring Plane Crossings

The Sun and Earth pass through Uranus’ ring plane in 2007 and 2008, providing a unique opportunity to observe Uranus’ rings and smallest satellites. The edge-on viewing geometry also permits the timing of satellite eclipses and mutual events that can be used to improve ephemerides.

Data Sets

  • The PDS Ring-Moon Systems Node intends to archive as much of the HST and highest quality ground based URPX as is made available. Observers interested in archiving data should contact Mark Showalter or Mitch Gordon.

  • We will post links to data as it becomes available.


  • The International Outer Planet Watch Uranus and Neptune Discipline (www.apl.ucl.ac.uk/iopw/) includes information on the planning for an international campaign of Uranian observations, the report from the 2006 ‘Uranus at Equinox’ Pasadena Workshop, and several additional links.

  • The Institut de Mécanique Céléste et de Calcul des Ephémérides (IMCCE, www.imcce.fr/pheura07) web site includes detailed information, software tools, and predictions of Uranian satellite mutual events as well as several additional links.

  • Additional mutual event predictions are available from Armagh Observatory