Radio Science Subsystem

The RSS instrument acquired profiles of the ring systems of Saturn and Uranus; no rings were detected at Jupiter or Neptune.

PDS volume VG_2803 contains the complete Voyager RSS ring occultation data set. It has completed peer review and is currently in lien resolution at the Ring-Moon Systems Node.

The bundled volume is in .tar.gz format. For information on opening files of this type, click here.

For an overview of the data set, see AAREADME.TXT and TUTORIAL.TXT.

For more information, consult the CATALOG files:

  • DATASET.CAT: RSS data set information.
  • DSCOLL.CAT: Information about the data set collection, comprising the PPS, UVS and RSS ring occultation experiments.
  • VG1SINST.CAT: RSS instrument description for Voyager 1 at Saturn.
  • VG2UINST.CAT: RSS instrument description for Voyager 2 at Uranus.
  • VG1HOST.CAT: Voyager 1 spacecraft description.
  • VG2HOST.CAT: Voyager 2 spacecraft description.
  • MISSION.CAT: Description of the Voyager mission overall.
  • PERSON.CAT: Contact information for the RSS team members and the individuals involved in the production of this data set.
  • REF.CAT: Bibliographic references.
  • VOLDESC.CAT: Brief description of the archive volume.