Please read the documentation carefully. The CIRS team has made a remarkable effort to provide useful information, including providing calibrated spectra for all of their data.

** Users are strongly encouraged to review a CIRS AAREADME.TXT file.** This file appears in the root directory of every volume and provides a good overview of the data set.

A number of additional documents are included in the DOCUMENT subdirectory on each volume. Those files are summarized in the DOCINFO.TXT file. A copy of this file is included in the DOCUMENT subdirectory of every original volume.

In particular, further details of the CIRS archive volumes can be found in the “Software Interface Specification” (SIS) Documents, found in the DOCUMENTS directory on each volume.

The CATALOG subdirectory on each volume contains a wealth of information about the CIRS instrument, team and data set. See, in particular:

A file, ERRATA.TXT, in the root directory of each volume documents any known anomalies or deviations from PDS standards contained in that volume.

Additional descriptions of the instrument can be found at the Cassini CIRS web page maintained at JPL.

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