Welcome to the Ring-Moon Systems Node’s ROSES 2014 NRA Support Pages

Latest update: 6/23/14 - through Amendment 24.


These pages are intended to assist proposers to the rings related programs in the ROSES 2014 NRA.

Links to ROSES support pages at the other PDS Nodes can be found at the PDS Engineering Node’s ROSES support page.


ROSES 2014 includes several significant changes: reorganization and consolidation of programs, and more uniform requirements for proposal submission across all of the programs.

  • A two step proposal process.
    • A Step-1 proposal is required. Only proposers who submit a Step-1 proposal are eligible to submit a Step-2 proposal.
    • Full (Step-2) proposals must broadly contain the same scientific goals proposed in the Step-1 proposal. See the full NRA for complete details and restrictions.
  • For proposals that contain mission data analysis, planetary spacecraft mission data to be used in proposed investigations must be available in the Planetary Data System (PDS) or equivalent publicly accessible archive at least 30 days prior to the Step 2 proposal submission date.
    • See the “Data Status” tab for the availability date and “PDS Certification” status of each of the data sets or data volumes in the Ring-Moon Systems Node holdings.
  • Requirements for depositing derived data products in the Planetary Data System have been revised to require that all products be PDS4 conformant. Guidelines for planning data in this format are available at Archiving under PDS4.

The other tabs associated with this page provide information on data at the the Ring-Moon Systems Node relevant to the specific AO identified in the tab name.

The following table gives the key dates for each of the NRA’s supported by these pages based on ROSES 2014. We will attempt to keep these pages current as relevant amendments to ROSES 2014 are released. However, the definitive source is of course the NSPIRES web site.

The links in the following table are to the respective Ring-Moon Systems Node support pages (same destinations as the tabs at the top of the page).

Program Appendix Step 1 Proposal Due Step 2 Proposal Due
Cassini Data Analysis and Participating Scientists Program (CDAPS) C.10 7/28/14 9/26/14
Planetary Data Archiving, Restoration, and Tools (PDART) C.7 7/17/14 9/17/14
Solar System Workings (SSW) C.3 5/23/14 7/25/14

Additional PDS Support

Links to ROSES support pages at the other PDS Nodes can be found at the PDS Engineering Node’s ROSES support page.

The Ring-Moon Systems Node’s ROSES 2013 support page.