Planetary Data Archiving, Restoration, and Tools 2014

Latest update: 6/23/14 - through Amendment 24.

Critical Dates

    Step-1 proposal due date:      7/17/14

    Step-2 proposal due date:       9/17/14



We provide a brief synopsis here; proposers must refer to the call for specifics.

The Planetary Data Archiving, Restoration, and Tools (PDART) program is described in Appendix C.7. The full document can be accessed under Solicitations at the NSPIRES web site.

The Planetary Data Archiving, Restoration and Tools (PDART) solicits proposals to generate higher-order data products, archive and restore data sets or products, create or consolidate reference databases, digitize data, and develop or validate software tools.

For all types of proposals, it is expected that the products of selected proposals will be made available to the scientific community via the NASA PDS or equivalent archive. All proposals will be evaluated on the perceived impact of the new data products or tools on future planetary science research and exploration.

Archive Planning

    • Requirements for depositing derived data products in the Planetary Data System have been revised to require that all products be PDS4 conformant. Guidelines for planning data in this format are available at Archiving under PDS4.

Additional links within PDS

  • Links to ROSES support pages at the other PDS Nodes can be found at the PDS Engineering Node's ROSES support page.