Voyager IRIS Volume VG_2001

The original volume of Voyager IRIS data was archived by the IRIS team and the PDS Atmospheres Node as VG_2001. The PDS Ring-Moon Systems Node maintains a duplicate volume.

The original volume contains data from only a limited timespan of a few days around each Voyager encounter. The Ring-Moon Systems Node has produced new data sets for the Jupiter and Saturn encounters, containing all of the encounter data in binary and ASCII formats compatible with all modern computer systems. More information and links to these data sets can be found under the Expanded Volumes tab.

In general, IRIS obtained a thermal spectrum every 48 seconds (one “FDS count”) throughout each Voyager flyby.

The data files are organized as tables, with one spectrum, plus ancillary information, per row.

Each data directory also contains a PDS format file IRISHEDR.FMT describing the format of each row.

Each data directory contains a CALIB subdirectory, containing calibration information pre- and post-encounter, plus the noise-equivalent spectral response or “NESR”.

The original volume contains thermal spectra from Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

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