Cassini Data Analysis Program 2017

Last updated: 3/3/2017, through Amendment 2.

Critical Dates

    Step-1 Proposal due date:     4/6/2017

    Step-2 Proposal due date:     6/8/2017

    Data Availability date:           5/9/2017


The Cassini Data Analysis Program (CDAP) is described in Appendix C.10 of the ROSES 2017 NRA.

The full document, including amendments, can be accessed under Solicitations at the NSPIRES web site.

Proposers are expected to carefully read the solicitation and should E-mail the program point of contact with any questions sufficiently ahead of the Step-1 proposal deadline.

Data Sources

Spacecraft mission data to be used in proposed work must be available in the Planetary Data System (PDS) or an equivalent, publicly accessible archive, at least 30 days prior to the full proposal submission deadline.

For volumes at the Ring-Moon Systems Node which meet the CDAP basic eligibility requirements for publicly available timing (based on the Step 2 Proposal due date), see the Data Status tab.

Finding Cassini Information and Data within the PDS

At the Ring-Moon Systems Node.
  • Search for data
  • Searches of Cassini ISS, UVIS and VIMS data are fully supported in OPUS. CIRS searches are partially supported by OPUS.

    For Cassini ISS, UVIS, and VIMS, the OPUS search parameters are based on enhanced geometric metadata generated at the Ring-Moon Systems Node, and include constraints relating to the surfaces of the planet and satellites as well as to the rings.

    Our Cassini information pages provide:

    • tabular links to the data organized by observation date for each instrument,
    • links to Ring-Moon Systems Node generated preview images (ISS, UVIS and VIMS) and footprint diagrams (CIRS),
    • links to tables of enhanced geometric metadata,
    • links to volumes of calibrated ISS images,
    • overviews of the CIRS, ISS, UVIS, and VIMS instruments and their associated documentation.

  • Browse our Data Directories
  • Download entire volumes as tar.gz files.

Additional links within PDS

  • The PDS has prepared a Proposer's Archiving Guide, specifically to support DAP proposers.

  • For more information about proposing with respect to PDS archiving, see the PDS Engineering Node's Information for Proposers web page.

  • The PDS Engineering Node's ROSES Support pages provides links to ROSES support pages at other PDS Discipline Nodes

  • The PDS NAIF Node and observation geometry.
  • SPICE data and software may be obtained from the NAIF web site. SPICE data files contain spacecraft and solar system geometry data necessary to interpret scientific observations from space-based instruments. The SPICE system also includes a large suite of software, mostly in the form of subroutines, that users incorporate in their own application programs to read SPICE files and to compute derived observation geometry, such as altitude, latitude/longitude, and lighting angles.