New Frontiers Data Analysis Program 2017

Last updated: 3/3/2017, through Amendment 2.

Critical Dates

    Step-1 Proposal due date:    2/8/2018

    Step-2 Proposal due date:    5/3/2018

    Data Availability date:          4/3/2018


The New Frontiers Data Analysis Program (NFDAP) is described in ROSES 2017, Appendix C.19.

The full document, including amendments, is available under Solicitations at the NSPIRES web site.

The objective of the New Frontiers Data Analysis Program (NFDAP) is to enhance the scientific return of New Frontiers Program missions by broadening the scientific participation in the analysis of data collected by New Frontiers missions through projects of relevance to the Planetary Science Division.

New Horizons mission data is suitable for this Program Element.

While all of the New Horizons data are available from the PDS Small Bodies Node (SBN), the Ring-Moon Systems Node Node maintains duplicate copies of all of the released LORRI and MVIC data.

  • Searches of both LORRI and MVIC data are supported in OPUS.

  • The Ring-Moon Systems Node has generated preview products for both LORRI and MVIC and tables of enhanced geometric metadata for all calibrated LORRI volumes. We will generate geometric metadata for MVIC at some point in the future. All of these products are available via our New Horizons pages.