Discovery Data Analysis Program 2017

Last updated: 11/1/2017, through Amendment 26

Critical Dates

    Step-1 Proposal due date:       9/21/2017

    Step-2 Proposal due date:    11/21/2017

    Data Availability date:          10/22/2017


The Discovery Data Analysis Program (DDAP) is described in Appendix C.11 of the ROSES 2017 NRA. DDAP includes the submission of proposals for work on Kepler/K2 observations of solar system targets.

The full document, including amendments, can be accessed under Solicitations at the NSPIRES web site.

Archiving Considerations

While no Discovery DAP supported data is archived with the Ring-Moon Systems Node, this node may be a suitable site for archiving data produced as a result of analysis of Kepler/K2 solar system observations. If you think this may be the case for data you intend to produce, early in your proposal development contact us..