Discovery Data Analysis Program 2020

Last updated: 2/25/2020, based on the 2/24/2020 Amendment 2 to ROSES 2020.

Critical Dates

    Step-1 Proposal due date:        08/28/2020

    Step-2 Proposal due date:        10/30/2020

    Data Availability date:              09/30/2020


The Discovery Data Analysis Program (DDAP) is described in Appendix C.11 of the ROSES 2020 NRA. DDAP includes the submission of proposals for work on Kepler/K2 observations of solar system targets.

See the NSPIRES website.

Archiving Considerations

While no Discovery DAP supported data is archived with the Ring-Moon Systems Node, this node may be a suitable site for archiving data produced as a result of analysis of Kepler/K2 solar system observations. If you think this may be the case for data you intend to produce, early in your proposal development contact us.